Leasing Specialists Customer Testimonials

  1. Quick and Easy

    “I was impressed with the way Leasing Specialists handled my lease application. All I had to do was contact my rep and they took it from there. Just a simple application form, a copy of my latest Financial Statement and my most recent Tax Information was enough to get the ball rolling. After signing a few more papers, I had my new tractor within 48 hours.”

  2. Tax Benefit

    “Good years in farming don’t come around too often, so when one did I was glad to be able to take advantage of Leasing Specialists true tax lease. I was able to deduct the full annual payment from my taxes and not have to bother with depreciation. My accountant tells me that when the lease is completed, I can depreciate the remaining value all over again. I’m saving a bunch on my taxes and it’s all legal.”

  3. Maintain Equity

    “After a couple of disappointing years in farming, Leasing Specialists helped me get the combine I needed without having to go to the bank. They only required the first payment to complete the lease which allowed me to keep some extra cash when I sold my old machine as well as only show an annual payment obligation on my Financial Statement which really helped keep my equity in line.”

  4. Pre Approved

    “I had been looking for just the right used combine and with Leasing Specialists Pre Approval Feature; I was able to buy one at an auction without worrying if my lease would be approved. Without Leasing Specialists Pre Approval, I might still be looking and worrying.”

  5. Low Residual

    “I really appreciated Leasing Specialists philosophy of having a low residual value at the end of my lease. Even though I wanted a different tractor at the end of my lease, I was able to sell my old tractor for about twice the residual and use the money to help lease a bigger one.”

  6. Locater Service

    “For years I have wanted to lease just the right self propelled spray rig at a fair price and in good condition. Leasing Specialists was able to locate one for me in a neighboring state. Now I have what I was looking for.”

  7. Scheduled Replacement

    “In the past, I really didn’t have a plan to replace machinery. I just ran it until the wheels fell off and bought a new one. Leasing Specialists got me on a schedule of replacing equipment when the lease was completed. Now, I worry less about having to face huge repair bills or buying new.”

  8. Great Service“Leasing Specialist reps are the best. Because of their experience in leasing, they were very helpful in making sure I got the best deal I could. They didn’t care what brand, if it was new or used, or where it came from. They were looking out for me and that made me feel good.”