Why Lease?

          – Top 10 Reason’s to Lease with LSI – 

  1. 100% tax deductibility
  2. Conserves working capital
  3. Reduces initial cash outlay
  4. Sale-leaseback option to create instant cash
  5. No hour or mileage restrictions
  6. Maintains existing credit lines
  7. Reduces balance-sheet debt
  8. Fast and easy process (typically less than 24 hours)
  9. Does not require additional collateral
  10. Allows you to have new, efficient equipmentcaseih-chopping-cornhead
LSI offers their customers “true tax leases.” “True tax” lease payments are treated as a rental expense. And, as you well know, rental expenses are tax deductible. A “true tax lease” allows you to write your business lease payments off while improving your cash flow position. This means that your lease could be 100% tax deductible! It is not wrong to benefit from tax advantages, such as leasing, but frugal.
Just as no two farmers are the same, neither are their financial situations. Because of this, LSI provides leases tailored to the needs of its customers. Terms and payment methods are flexible and that is just one additional advantage to leasing over buying.

Reliable equipment is critical to your business. When you need to update or replace machinery, LSI has leasing terms that are flexible, affordable and convenient.
LSI has provided leases tailored to the needs of its customers in the midwest since 1976.