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We are located at:  2701 Grand Avenue, Galesburg, IL 61401

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Leasing allows you to upgrade to newer equipment more frequently as new technologies emerge. With a lease, you’re not stuck with the same equipment for years.

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More reasons to lease equipment with LSI

Simplified Maintenance

Maintenance costs are often bundled into the lease payment. This simplifies budgeting for maintenance.

Tax Advantages

Lease payments may be tax deductible as a business expense. This can provide tax savings compared to other financing options.

No residual value risk

With a lease, the residual value risk lies with the lessor. You don’t have to worry about equipment depreciation or resale value.

Obtain Newer Equipment

Leasing contracts allow you to update equipment frequently to take advantage of technological innovations.

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2701 Grand Ave, Galesburg, IL 61401

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